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At the invitation of Bishop Daniel Kwilemba, I had the amazing privilege of ministering to pastors from all over the island. This was a very humbling experience. Words cannot even begin to express how honored I felt to share with these great men and women. Most of these pastors have had their churches burned or […]

What an amazing trip to Ghana and Togo! We can never underestimate the power of prayer! Having adequate prayer cover makes an enormous difference when it comes to ministry, travel and health. Although this was my first trip to West Africa, I felt an immediate cultural connection both in Ghana and Togo. Many things converged […]

After fifty-nine hours of travel, nine different airports and a bus ride, I landed on the island of Papua in Indonesia! A few days before I arrived, a battle between two local tribes came to an end. Fought on the size of football field, only traditional weapons like spears, bows and arrows are allowed. Evidently […]

I have been ministering with the Pentecostal Evangelistic Fellowship of Africa for twelve years. On average, I have connected with them once or twice a year to minister at a conference. All this has been at the invitation of my close friend Bishop Andrew Kimaro, who went home to be with the Lord this last […]

My first stop was Karatina, Kenya. People traveled from all around Mt. Kenya to be there. It was a powerful conference! I couldn’t resist taking a picture of the cow outside the church because he and some goats chorused a continual amen while I was preaching!

What an honor to bring the Word to 697 pastors representing all 42 tribes in Kenya! I am deeply humbled by the privilege. I was asked to speak in the plenary sessions on the topic of The Call. My three messages for each of the three days were: The Call to Worship, The Call to […]

From Korea we flew to Hong Kong to connect with our close friends Pastors Sam and Lisa Song. Wow! What a great time of fellowship with our families. Our kids had a great time playing together and Sarah and I enjoyed so much talking and connecting with Sam and Lisa at a deep relational level.

We are still blown away by the opportunity that we had to travel to Korea and Hong Kong as a family. We have no way to express our gratitude to the people who wanted to specifically help pay for our whole family to go on this trip. It is just amazing and we are really […]

I think the Lord created me for these kinds of ministry trips. I am so fulfilled and the ministry is so meaningful. To give you a feel for the schedule, here are my notes from the trip: I preached/taught 14 times in 7 days: Day One > ministered to approximately 30 missionaries who live along […]