From Korea we flew to Hong Kong to connect with our close friends Pastors Sam and Lisa Song. Wow! What a great time of fellowship with our families. Our kids had a great time playing together and Sarah and I enjoyed so much talking and connecting with Sam and Lisa at a deep relational level.

The Songs pastor a dynamite international church in Hong Kong – Solomon’s Porch ( I am continually amazed by the fruit of their ministry. This is a church that is seriously making an impact in the heart of Hong Kong and touching many places in Asia. What an honor to preach and teach in that context! I brought a series of teaching that I call “Pride and Prejudice” which deals with spiritual, social and racial prejudice. I believe God is doing something beautiful in the earth to heal these issues. Solomon’s Porch is a church that is multi-ethnic and will lead the way in Asia. I also preached on “The Value of Suffering” which I felt touched many. The ministry and impartation time at the end was powerful. That’s the way it is in Pastors Sam and Lisa’s ministry. Anytime I’ve ministered with them, the atmosphere is supernaturally charged.

As a family, we were so excited to experience the sights and sounds of Hong Kong! what a fun time traveling by way of trolleybus, selecting live sea food to eat and spending time with the family of God!