What an honor to bring the Word to 697 pastors representing all 42 tribes in Kenya! I am deeply humbled by the privilege.

I was asked to speak in the plenary sessions on the topic of The Call. My three messages for each of the three days were: The Call to Worship, The Call to Persevere and The Call to Fight.

I also was asked to conduct six workshops on The Gifts of the Holy Spirit. In one of those workshops, the Lord gave me a word of knowledge about someone with an infection in their teeth. This was confirmed: Pastor Emmanuel had been in constant pain with puss seeping out of his gums. We prayed, and by the next morning the puss disappeared and the pain was gone.

While at the pastor’s conference, a precious lady, Pastor Jane, came up to me and shared that in 2009 I had a word of knowledge that the Lord wanted to heal someone with breast cancer. She had been diagnosed with cancer, and to my understanding, she was scheduled for surgery. The Lord touched her and she was completely healed! She then shared that she had injured her knee which was bandaged up. We prayed…she attended the second conference I ministered at and testified that now her knee was healed!

There has been a drought in Kenya. I received numerous prophesies that the Lord would bring rain to Kenya. One person had a vision of me standing outside with arms raised, rain pouring down. Well, in the natural realm, it rained almost every day that I was in Kenya. In fact, the rain followed us from one conference to the other, as we drove most of the day. Spiritually, I believe there was a torrent of His blessing poured out on His people.

In between conferences, I preached at Bishop Kimaro’s church. A young man walked in off the streets, declared that he was a member of a gang known in that area for its violence, but today he wanted to get saved! The church exploded with joy and dancing as he came forward to receive Jesus!

The second conference I ministered at was for churches in the Mount Kenya region. What a powerful time in the Lord! I felt a strong leading from the Lord to preach on the topic of “Believing In a God Who Allows Pain” – from the visible response of those in attendance, I think the messages had a lasting impact.