My first stop was Karatina, Kenya. People traveled from all around Mt. Kenya to be there. It was a powerful conference!

I couldn’t resist taking a picture of the cow outside the church because he and some goats chorused a continual amen while I was preaching!

The young man I’m pictured with below gave his life to the Lord a year ago when I ministered in the same area. Today he is plugged into a local church and growing in the Lord.

While at the conference, a pastor shared with me an amazing testimony: Years ago, Ann committed her life to Christ and things were going great. She was engaged to be married to a man in her church. But then she discovered that she had HIV/AIDS. The engagement fell through and her condition got worse and worse. For six years she struggled at the door of death. In 2009 I was ministering at a conference and we prayed for her. She left feeling that something was different. She went to the doctor and got a test and it came back negative! Hardly anyone could believe it, so as time passed, she took five more tests. Each time, there was not a single trace of HIV! Ann is completely healed!! Today she is happily married and looking forward to starting a family.

From Kenya, I flew to Uganda and was met by Pastor Frederick Makka. After being on the road for twelve hours and checking into where I was staying, I had the privilege of preaching on his radio program. When we were finished with the program, the security guard pulled us aside and said, “Please pray with me to be saved. I have had so many problems. I have gone to witchdoctors, but no one has been able to help me. I have to give my life to Jesus!” What an honor to lead this man to the Lord!

Jinja, Uganda is a town that is nestled along the shores of Lake Victoria and the tributary that is the source of the Nile River. It was there that I had the privilege of speaking at a leadership seminar and ministering in Pastors Frederick and Brenda Makka’s church.

The morning I was going to leave, my bags were packed and I was having breakfast. I prayed silently, “Lord, please let this trip count for eternity.” As soon as I prayed that, a woman working at the hotel said, “Pastor, are you leaving today? I was really hoping you would pray for me. My mother is in the hospital and I want to be born again.” As Pastor Frederick and I prayed with her, I was moved to tears and prayed silently, “Thank you Lord!”

Here’s why we do what we do…and why we will travel as far as needed

* To lead someone to Christ
* To help get someone healed
* To impart the Word of Life