We are still blown away by the opportunity that we had to travel to Korea and Hong Kong as a family. We have no way to express our gratitude to the people who wanted to specifically help pay for our whole family to go on this trip. It is just amazing and we are really touched. It was a “dream come true.”

The kids thoroughly enjoyed the adventure of seeing new sights and experiencing the richness of Korean culture. We cannot even describe the thrill of seeing the history, savoring the delicious food and connecting with a culture that is so gracious and kind.

I had the privilege of preaching for Pastors Christian and Erin Lee at New Philadelphia Church (www.NewPhiladelphiaChurch.com), which is an English speaking congregation touching the international community in Seoul. There was such passion and intensity in the worship. I preached on the theme of “Waiting for the Miracle” and sensed a tremendous response. During the ministry time, words of knowledge were flowing and I think many were touched at a deep level.

One of the things that gripped me in Korea was the deep spirituality. Churches are packed out for prayer early in the morning. The Korean revival has impacted not only churches, but society as well. The world has been astounded by the economical miracle of Korea in the last half century. I would attribute much of the success of that nation to a praying church.