I think the Lord created me for these kinds of ministry trips. I am so fulfilled and the ministry is so meaningful. To give you a feel for the schedule, here are my notes from the trip:

I preached/taught 14 times in 7 days:

Day One > ministered to approximately 30 missionaries who live along the borders of Sudan, Somalia and Ethiopia reaching the un-reached.

Days Two-Four > preached in the open air and revival meetings…saw 21 commitments to Christ. Let me tell you about George who barely made it to the meeting because he was drunk. God touched him and he genuinely got saved. The next he got cleaned up and got his hair cut. He never missed a meeting after that is currently plugged into a local church. That right there is worth the trip!

Days Five-Seven > taught at a Leadership Conference with 309 in attendance…I taught on “The Value of Suffering” and really sense the Lord did a deep work.

I had a wonderful time of fellowship with the pastors (I have been ministering with these guys for over ten years now). Bishop Andrew Kimaro is such a close friend and brother in the Lord. I honor him and am very thankful for the continued privilege of ministering with and for him.

A cow was slaughtered for the conference…over the three days we literally ate our way through it. A first for me: cow head soup. Hmm…the adventures of cross-cultural ministry. Two other fun adventures in between meetings: the joy of a trip to a coffee factory and running on the slopes of Mount Kenya with Pastors Joseph and Jehoshaphat!