After fifty-nine hours of travel, nine different airports and a bus ride, I landed on the island of Papua in Indonesia! A few days before I arrived, a battle between two local tribes came to an end. Fought on the size of football field, only traditional weapons like spears, bows and arrows are allowed. Evidently the warriors fight with honor – breaks are even taken for lunch! The only problem with this “sport” is that people get killed!

Revival meetings were held in the local community center. My personal count of people who made commitments to Christ was a total of 27. A couple of testimonies: a woman healed of tuberculosis and a man healed from intestinal bleeding. I also received an email that someone on this trip was healed from a heart disease.

After ministering in Papua, I flew on to Jakarta, where I had the privilege of ministering at a seminar for about fifty pastors, a revival meeting at a church in the city center, and two other local churches.

As always, I am mindful of God’s protection. The undercurrents of terror threats are very real. My accommodation in Jakarta was a short walk from the hotels that were bombed in 2009.