What an amazing trip to Ghana and Togo! We can never underestimate the power of prayer! Having adequate prayer cover makes an enormous difference when it comes to ministry, travel and health.

Although this was my first trip to West Africa, I felt an immediate cultural connection both in Ghana and Togo. Many things converged in a beautiful way on this trip. For example, as I took the pulpit to teach in Togo, I was reminded of how blessed I am to have grown up in Africa. I thought to myself, “I know these guys. I know their culture. I know their language.” For the next four hours (and again the next day) the Lord gave me the grace to preach and teach in French. There was such a spiritual and emotional connection!

At the invitation of Bishop John Andoh, I had the privilege of ministering in three seminars for pastors in Ghana and one in Togo, for a total of six days of intense teaching. In all, I had the honor of ministering to approximately 150 pastors in these separate settings. The topic the Lord dropped into my heart: An Apostolic Church.

We were able to provide each pastor with a teaching manual that I had written. Thank you Daniel Kahozi for translating it into French! We were also able to bless the pastors with sermon CDs. All this because of our partners, who have continued to trust us to steward God’s resources. Thank you for your generosity!

With me on this trip was my brother Patrick Burgess, who is one of our Elders at Freedom International Church. His encouragement was such a blessing. Brother Patrick really flows in the anointing! I especially enjoyed listening to him preach in the inner city in Accra. The response to his message was a beautiful thing to see!

One thing I love about Patrick is that he always stays in faith. Any time we would face a challenge, he would say, “In the Name of Jesus!” That’s the kind of traveling companion you want on a ministry trip like this!
We also visited Bishop John and Priscilla’s orphanage. Sixteen children live at the Freedom House and another eighteen come for assistance for school fees and meals.

I feel in my heart that this was a very fruitful trip. Thank you so much for standing in the gap – the Lord really answered your prayers! Some of the comments that I received from pastors really touched me:

“I can see you grew up in Africa – you really know us and you know our culture.”
“You preach and minister with fire! Many people study, but they don’t have fire!”
“What you are teaching is new and fresh. We haven’t heard anything like this before.”

After I got home, I received a really touching and encouraging email from a pastor in Togo. Here is an excerpt:

“Nothing is more beautiful than to be touched by the anointing. With this message I want to give glory to God for the life of our Apostle Eric Lehmann for the heavy work that God did through him in Togo. I have been touched by an extraordinary power that came in his hand as a fire. My prayer is that God gives him more vision and more provision because the message does not cost those who listen but the one who preaches.”

Another powerful testimony…during those revival meetings in Accra where Brother Patrick and I preached, five young men responded to commit their lives to Christ. It stood out to me because I threw out a challenge to receive and follow Jesus. No music, no heads bowed, nothing to “help” people along. Immediately these young men stood up in front of their neighborhood to boldly receive and commit to Christ for the first time! That was awesome!