What an honor to be with Pastors Sam and Lisa Song for their anniversary services at Solomon’s Porch in Hong Kong. I have known Pastor Sam since college and we have ministered in each other’s churches for years. What a blessing to spend time with him and Lisa and their precious children.

It is really wonderful to see the fruit and growth of Solomon’s Porch. There is such hunger and dedication in the church. The altars were flooded during each service as people committed themselves to the Lord. SP’s theme for the year is “Build the House”. The Lord dropped in my heart three messages for them: (1) A House That Will Last (2) A House In Order (3) A House That Is Blessed. If you’re interested, they are on their website:




From Hong Kong, I flew to Beijing. It can be quite an impact to stand in front of the Forbidden City across from Tiananmen Square, thinking of centuries of Chinese tradition and civilization, the Cultural Revolution in China, and the undertow of a desire for freedom.

In that context, the church has been growing under the lid of communism and persecution. When I was a little boy I told my mom I wanted to go to China and tell people about Jesus, so this was a special trip for me. I have ministered in Hong Kong and Tibet, but this was my first trip to Beijing.



Beijing is an engulfing megacity that is very modern. But tucked in alley ways are traditional shops and markets. It was there that I had my first opportunity to share Jesus with a precious girl who was the owner of a tea shop. One of the members of the church translated for me as she served us tea. She had heard of Christ in her home town but didn’t understand the Gospel. She was visibly touched and moved to tears as I shared and prayed with her.



The church that I ministered in was planted by Solomon’s Porch in Hong Kong. Because of the context in China, I won’t share a lot of details. But let me just say that there is such a hunger for the Gospel and God is moving in a powerful way!

I ministered to some home group leaders during the week, and then preached in two services on Sunday. The first service was boldly held in a theater in a modern mall. There was a strong anointing as the Lord graciously crossed cultures through the interpreter. A number of people gave their hearts to the Lord and many came forward for prayer, weeping and touched in a deep way.


The second service was held in a school. I was really touched by the praise and worship in Mandarin. I preached a message entitled “Born to Fly” and ministered on the Father heart of God and our identity in Christ. There was a powerful move of God as people wept and received God’s love and healing.


When I got home, I received a very precious email from someone. I’ll share some of it with you…

I felt maybe I should also share to testify of God’s goodness, and in case it may be an encouragement…the Lord really touched and healed so many, deeply…stories are still rolling in from the Family… I felt the Lord was sending you with a Father’s heart to heal the many spiritual orphans in the local Chinese Body… Pastor Eric, truly, even before you preach and minister, the very Presence and character of Christ you carry as you engage with people is disarming, healing, and convicting all at the same time….I was deeply moved and convicted by how much you genuinely want to love and hear everyone’s stories, including mine. And I don’t think I have ever felt quite at this heart level, the Lord’s adoration and love for me. I realize I’ve maybe never felt very understood, honored, much less celebrated by any authority/male figures in life (maybe experienced more the opposite)… and so I thank you so much for being a vessel the Lord used to help me experience and receive the Father’s love and adoration as I should.”

That touches my heart and makes it all worthwhile! Please keep the church in prayer, especially the leadership. Again, I can’t share names and details, but they are doing an amazing job leading their congregation within the context. It was an honor to serve them in ministry!


Thank you for all your love, prayer and support.

Pastor Eric