Dear Prayer Partners,

That was a busy season – I ministered in 5 nations in 8 weeks. Thank you for standing with me in prayer!

This trip to Ivory Coast was another invitation from Bishop John Andoh to teach at his minister’s network, United Council of Christian Churches. It was a joy and an honor to serve him and Apostle Destiny, who was our host in Abidjan, the capital of Ivory Coast.


Years ago, I made up my mind that:

  1. I would go wherever the Lord asked me to go
  2. I would pray and be led by the Spirit as to where to go

That decision launched me into the adventure of never quite knowing where God was going to lead me. This was one of those times…

I arrived in Ivory Coast on Tuesday night and the next morning I found myself walking through little alley ways into a fishing community. Some homes were made of cinder blocks and corrugated tin roofs, others had walls made of palm branches and an assortment of wood. Walking through the sand, I began to hear the sound…wonderful praise and worship with that distinct African rhythm.

The church was situated less than a hundred yards from the Atlantic Ocean. I could hear the sound of the waves crashing as I taught, and there was a gentle breeze that came in through the half wall that was one side of the building. More than that, and I mean this very sincerely, the wind of the Spirit blew into that place in a powerful way.


The second seminar was in a church in the inner city of Abidjan. Again, the praise and worship was great and there was such a hunger for the Word.

I taught and ministered for a total of twenty hours in a four day period, all in French. I really felt God’s grace and, to His glory, it really flowed. In fact, I was so immersed in it, when I got home I had to pause a couple of times to think of English words.


I love Africa – the people, the culture, the move of God. It is such a wonderful privilege to be part of what the Lord is doing on that continent. And I am so deeply grateful that I grew up in Africa. As I was saying goodbye, Apostle Frank, who was there from Benin, really encouraged me about the ministry that morning. He said, “Today we were not listening to an American, we were listening to an African.” That is one of the greatest compliments I have ever received. It runs deep into my heart. That is why God had me grow up in Africa. I am humbled and honored to serve these great men of God and these precious believers in any way I can.

In His Hands,
Pastor Eric