September 2013

As always, thank you so much for standing in the gap for this ministry. It truly makes a difference. Initially I was to accompany my friend Pastor Lisandro Gonzalez to minister in some meetings with him in Brazil. At the last minute, he was not able to go because of a family emergency, but felt that it would be good for me to go ahead. After praying, I felt the Lord wanted me to move forward. I am honored that he trusted me to carry the meetings. I believe the ministry in Brazil was fruitful.

Brazil – Ministry Schedule

  • Friday Evening – ministered to university students on the topic: “Developing and Maturing the Call of God”
  • Saturday Morning – ministered to a group of pastors in the city on the topic: “Spiritual Promotion”
  • Saturday Evening – ministered on the topic: “Born to Fly”
  • Sunday Morning – ministered on the topic: “Waiting for the Miracle”
  • Sunday Evening – ministered on the topic: “Take Your Stand” (this last service was televised a few days later)

Brazil – Cultural Experience

  • Known for steak and all-you-can eat buffets, this was a new experience for me: you load your plate with as much food as you want from the buffet, then you weigh it and pay by the kilo! That is amazing!

From Brazil, I flew through Ecuador to visit a family in our church (Ken and Claudia Looi and their children: Bethany and Jonathan) who are currently living there. This goes on record as the longest pastoral visit I have ever made! It was miraculously more economical for me to fly back through Ecuador!

Ecuador – Cultural Experience

  • Hiked for nine miles at a height of over 11,000 feet on the ancient Inca Trail and explored the ruins of an Inca Temple

Sermon – Look for Redemption

  • As I studied the ruins of the Inca Temple, I was amazed at the Redemptive Analogies hidden in this ancient civilization – ceremonial baths for cleansing as well as a sacrificial system
  • You might be interested in the two-part series I preached at our church (Part Two is the sermon where I note the Inca Temple)
  • Go to our church web site: under the dropdown Media tab pull up Sermons or Previous Broadcasts