How do I describe the exhilarating privilege of ministering to a church of over 6,000 on-fire believers who worship and pray with intense passion? This is the context of l’Arche d’Alliance (Ark of the Covenant), an amazing church that is making a significant impact in the city of Kinshasa. Pastor Israel Nsembe Loyela, who is the General Overseer for the Assemblies of God in the DR Congo, leads this incredible church. L’Arche has also planted 13 other churches and is making an impact in their community with a school that has an enrollment of 1,228 children.

It was awesome to have my dad (Pastor Paul Lehmann) with me on this trip. It was his first trip back to the DR Congo since 1991. We had a lot of fun reconnecting with friends, seeing the house I grew up in and enjoying everything about the wonderful culture of the Congo.

We preached at L’Arche and a couple of other churches. We also ministered at an interdenominational pastor’s conference for approximately 200 pastors. So our days were packed with ministry, fellowship and the daily navigation of traffic in Kinshasa. As you can imagine, we prayed for hundreds and hundreds of people on this trip. What to share? Well, two miracles stand out in my mind.

The first was a lady I remember praying for who went through a powerful deliverance. She testified that she had been having terrible stomach issues. She had been to doctors and had been on a variety of medication, but to no avail. When the Lord touched her, she said she saw a spirit that looked like a two-headed snake come out of her. She was totally healed!

Another lady, by the name of Martha, had lost her hearing completely. She received prayer during one of the services where I prayed for everyone individually who came forward for prayer. She woke up the next morning and could hear!

I know I keep telling people that I love my job, but it’s true! Sure there are times of sacrifice. Not all these trips are easy when it comes to the travel, living conditions and financial challenges. But they are so rewarding! Thank you Jesus!


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