From Hong Kong I flew to the Philippines. Leaving one of the most outstanding and modern airports in the world, landing in Baguio was a complete change from Hong Kong. I disembarked from the little prop plane onto the tar mat and began an intensive week of meetings.

During the days, I taught a seminar on the gifts of the Spirit. My purpose is always twofold in these kinds of settings: one, to teach and exposit the Scripture, but secondly to demonstrate and teach how to practically move in the gifts of the Spirit. It is always exciting to see people began to move in the prophetic or healing during the “clinic” time where they put into practice what we have been teaching.

The evenings were blow-out meetings with passionate worship and powerful ministry. Many were baptized in the Spirit, others were healed and still others were set free from demonic control. One evening we were praying for people to be empowered by the Spirit and the Spirit of the Lord came on a young lady. As she began to be touched, there was a power encounter and evil spirits began to manifest. I spoke a quick word of authority in the Name of Jesus as she fell to the ground. It was one of the most beautiful deliverances that I’ve seen. The Holy Spirit set her free and filled her. She got up off the ground crying for joy and speaking in her prayer language. It was so beautiful to watch the Lord minister to her. We are simply vessels to release His love and power.

After the seminar, I did a series of open-air meetings in different towns throughout the region. Those settings are always amazing as people gather in a town center or a school…children running and playing everywhere, the occasional donkey cart passing through, an onlooker captivated by the worship or the preaching. People were healed and many received Christ.

The first town I was in, the Holy Spirit swept through the last meeting like a wave. Many were touched as they fell under the power of the Spirit. I was amazed as I looked out over the cemented area of the school, which was covered with people lying on the ground receiving from the Holy Spirit. Many were weeping; some people were being set free and others were being healed.

In the last town, a remarkable anointing fell like a heavy cloud over the meeting. You could hear a pin drop during the preaching. It seemed as if everyone was at attention under the anointing. When I gave the call to receive Christ, more than sixty responded in this little farm village. Even as I write this I am so thankful for the awesome privilege of getting to participate in this kind of Harvest. The Lord has been so merciful to me and allowed me to experience some incredible adventures in the Kingdom. Thank you Jesus! I also want to thank our partners who pray and sacrifice financially so that we can step out and go to the far corners of the earth. We could not do this without the Body of Christ. God bless you! The eternal rewards will be incalculable in human standards.


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