Hong Kong is one of the most fascinating cities in the world. Ultra modern with skyscrapers and elevated moving walk ways, it still maintains a sense of history, with a mélange of Asian cultures woven together in a tapestry of international expression.

I had the privilege of ministering at Solomon’s Porch with Pastors Sam and Lisa Song. I have known the Songs for years, so it was such a joy to see the incredible fruit of their ministry and how God is moving at Solomon’s Porch.

I believe many were touched during the meetings, but one particular incident stands out in my mind. Near the end of one meeting, I had a word of knowledge that someone there had an ear infection and that this had been a recurring problem since they were a little kid. Well, one young teenage girl had invited a group of her friends from school to the meeting. In surprise and with some nervousness, one of the girls raised her hand to confirm that she was the one with the condition. As I began to minister to her, I found out that she had only been to church a couple of times her whole life. We couldn’t tell if she was healed or not, but she acknowledged that the Lord got her attention.

The church family at Solomon’s Porch was so incredibly kind and gracious to me. I have never eaten so well on a ministry trip. Ah…the culinary delights of Hong Kong…from Cantonese, to Thai, to Korean, to Vietnamese…I was just blown away by the restaurants. And the fellowship over meals was so enjoyable. My only prayer is that if the Lord ever allows me to go back to Hong Kong that He won’t call me to a fast! 🙂


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