A trip like this has been on our hearts and minds for quite some time. The vision was to help bring healing to a town.

Sitting at the foot of Mt. Kenya is Nanyuki, a town steeped in poverty and immorality. Our team from Freedom International Church (Myself, Patrick Burgess, Jaime Kaufield, Dionne Porter, Pastor Karen Erickson and Andy Morey) joined forces with Bishop Andrew Kimaro and his team from the Mt. Kenya Region. Every day we sent out four groups around the town for door-to-door evangelism and open air preaching. This was followed by an afternoon open air meeting in the town square. We then wrapped up the days with a revival meeting in a local church. I was so blessed to see our team lead people to Christ, preach with power and minister with a strong anointing. Many were saved, delivered and healed.

During the week, we saw 132 commitments to the Lord. I know there were many more, but these are people that gave us their names and addresses for follow-up.

We also saw some amazing healings. Suzanna, an elderly woman, had lost her hearing, but during one of the meetings God healed her.

A few months before, David Kinyua was injured at work. A motor from a conveyor belt came loose, flying off and crushing his leg. He came by on crutches as we were ministering in one of the neighborhood market places. He prayed to receive the Lord and then I asked what had happened to him. After telling me his story, I said, “Why don’t we just ask Jesus to heal you?” We prayed for him and he walked for the first time free from pain and without crutches. I wish you could have seen him walking away holding his crutches. What a beautiful sight! Thank you Jesus!

It was also really fun to have my sister, Pastor Karen Erickson, who is our children’s pastor at Freedom, be on the team. It was our first time to return to Africa and minister together. I really enjoyed seeing her sing under the African sky and preach with grace and compassion.


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