This trip to Kenya was such a joy for me. I took our first team from Freedom International Church, the church that we planted in October of 2004, located in Wesley Chapel, Florida.

This was a team of teachers – Larry and Kay Peebles, Steve Van Wert and Jaime Kaufield. Each person played a special role and it was beautiful to see them flow in their gifts and bless so many people. There were some really powerful meetings – the teaching was excellent, and so many received at the altars.

We connected with Bishop Andrew Kimaro and the PEFA churches in the Mt. Kenya Region. We traveled quite extensively, holding leadership conferences in different districts. From my notes on the trip: Leadership Conferences – Kirinyaga South with Pastor Hosea (102 people in attendance), Kirinyaga East with Pastor Haniel (35 people in attendance), Nyahururu with Pastor Simon (90 People in attendance), Nanyuki with Pastor Naphtali (54 in attendance). In addition to teaching, we were able to help an orphanage monetarily and bless the children (84 in all) with gifts.

I also ministered to a group of Kenyan missionaries at Bishop Kimaro’s conference center who were there for training. These brothers and sisters are living and ministering in northern Kenya along the borders of Sudan, Ethiopia and Somalia. The conditions are extremely difficult. There are many unreached people groups in that region and persecution from the Muslim community can be intense. It was humbling to teach, pray and cry with these awesome men and women of God who are putting their lives on the line for the Gospel.


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