God is doing amazing things through Pastors Amor and Tassadit Bouaziz in France and North Africa. Their church, Eglise Evangélique Bethesda, is experiencing the miraculous. Most of the people that are part of the church come from an Islamic background. Because of this, they have begun to get national recognition from the news media. Last year, one of the major TV stations, France 2, ran a special on prime time news entitled, “From the Mosque to the Church” in which Bethesda was featured. This station happened to come out for a follow-up story the weekend that I was there. Pastor Amor would not let the journalists into the meeting until after the ministry time was over because many of the people cannot be photographed for various reasons. Certain factions of Islam might find out and react or family members might respond with anger and kick them out of their homes.

During one of the meetings, the Lord was releasing numerous words of knowledge, one of which was someone with arthritis and pain in their knee. This was confirmed by a brother who had been battling arthritis in his knee for four years. He said that he could hardly stand during the meeting because of the pain. The power of God hit him and he was instantly healed! After the service, as we were talking and sharing, I asked if I could take a picture of him and his wife. He said, “Sure, but please only show it to your family and the church.” Later, Pastor Amor explained that for security reasons this brother has to be careful about who knows he is a Christian.

After that same meeting, Pastor Amor prayed with a man who was visiting to receive the Lord. I then had the privilege of praying for him. He was visibly touched by the Lord and commented that he had never felt power or peace like that before.

What a great time of ministry! It was such a joy to fellowship with the brothers and sisters at Bethesda and to spend such quality time with Pastors Amor and Tassadit. We have known them since 1997 and they have become such good friends. I have been so impressed with their integrity and the fruit in their ministry. What an awesome privilege for me to be able to serve them and minister with them.


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