With 740 registered participants, the venue was packed out (people had to sit outside the main auditorium). What a privilege for me to serve Bishop Andrew Kimaro by ministering at this conference. This “family camp” setting involved non-stop activity: main sessions, work-shops, children’s ministry, wonderful fellowship, meals and lots of tea (everyone in Kenya loves tea).

The praise and worship was powerful and anointed. There was great freedom to preach, and the power of God was absolutely amazing. So many people were touched, set free and healed.

There are two very significant miracles that stand out in my mind. Lucy Gathoni had a tumor on her neck for four years. As a result, she had difficulty breathing. We prayed for her one evening and the next morning, when she woke up, it was completely gone! I cannot even describe to you the feeling of joy and awe of seeing God do that!

On one particular evening, the Lord was releasing a stream of information through words of knowledge. I was calling out conditions that the Lord wanted to heal. Standing near the back was Pastor Francis Karani, who had been losing his eyesight for the previous five months. He was seeing double and couldn’t see very far. You can imagine the struggle with fear at the thought of losing your eyesight. He prayed, “Lord, if you let Pastor Eric know my condition, I will run to the front like an arrow for prayer.” Shortly after, I said, “There is someone here who has been losing your eyesight. You are fearful about it, but God is going to heal you tonight.” Pastor Karani came running to the front and was instantly healed!

During one meeting, the Spirit of God was touching people at a deep level. Many, many were weeping as the Lord was healing and delivering them from hurt and fear. After about an hour, I thought I should maybe bring the meeting to a close. I picked up the mic, but as I opened my mouth, I couldn’t speak. Then a “wave” of God’s presence came in from one side of the room and hit us with a force. The next thing I knew, I was being pushed to the ground by the weight of God’s glory. I was reminded of when the ark was brought into the inner sanctuary of the temple. “And the priests could not perform their service because of the cloud, for the glory of the LORD filled his temple” (1 Kings 8:11).

It was great to have Matt Dixon with me on this trip. Matt brought a powerful word during one of the main sessions and taught every day during the work-shops. As always, the fellowship with Matt was great. He has been such a blessing to me and I appreciate his partnership in ministry.

Another really neat event that occurred during the conference: one lady, who was nine months pregnant, was rushed off to the hospital to have her baby. She gave birth to a boy, and because she and her family had been touched powerfully at the conference, decided to name him “Eric”. What an honor! So Eric Lafuta was born in the middle of a revival! Glory to God!


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