I had the privilege of ministering in South Africa with Pastor Bruce Marchiano, who invited me to join him for some evangelistic meetings that he was conducting. Pastor Bruce, known for playing the part of Jesus in the movie “Matthew”, has been ministering in South Africa for the last ten years. He has a powerful ministry with a remarkable anointing to bring people into the Kingdom.

For more on Pastor Bruce’s ministry, go to: http://www.BruceMarchiano.com

Aside from the ministry, the fellowship was great! I think my sides are still hurting from the laughter over meals and coffee and the little cottage we called home for the week.

The meetings were held in a town called Lethlabile, about an hour and a half drive outside of Pretoria. Spearheaded by Flames Christian Fellowship and the leadership of Pastor Martin Kivane, it was a joint effort of various churches in the area.

People were bused in every night from surrounding villages to attend the meetings. The praise and worship was electrifying. The soccer field, where the meetings were held, became a venue of celebration and dancing. The presence of the Lord was strong, with an anointing and freedom to preach. The fourth night into the crusade, the report came to us that over 1,500 people had made decisions for Christ! There were about 3,000 people in attendance each night, so I asked the crowd, “Who’s here for the first time?” About a third of the crowd raised their hands. That meant we were getting new people bused in every night. Praise God! What tremendous fruit!

In addition to the salvations, there were some significant miracles as well. We prayed for the sick every night. The power of the Spirit would move in waves through the crowd, sometimes knocking numerous people over at once. Many got up totally healed and delivered. One woman, who was totally blind in one eye, received her sight. I remember praying for one woman who was paralyzed on one side of her body. She was instantly healed!

One night, a young man rushed up to one of the pastors and pressed some drugs into his hands. He said, “I want to be set free and give my life to Jesus!” We hadn’t even started preaching. Pastor Martin said a few a words and gave an altar call. People flooded to the deliverance tent. I gave some words of instruction to those in the tent and then we went to work praying for people. I believe many were set free from addictive strongholds.

The last day of the meetings were held in the town hall. Again, the Lord moved with power. People were saved, healed and set free from the demonic. As a result of the crusade, Pastor Martin has planted a church in that area. Praise God! What a move of the Spirit!


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